Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drs. Apt a success

I use the term "Success" lightly. I left with that feeling of not knowing whether or not this was a "Great" appointment. I felt great, but some news had the potenial to be troubling (Waiting on the blood work). Anyways, she really understands me. Knows the right questions to ask and everything.

I started back up on the injections. I am very excited about this, they seem to have worked in the past. The problem for me is that I don't feel like my friends understand what it means. I say all the time that if you are sick please stay away, or at least tell me so I can be aware. Being on a TNF blocker means that if I get sick I have to stop the meds immediately (And I take it every two weeks, so stopping it isn't easy). That means that when I can go back on it I start over. Start getting it back in my system.

Getting sick for me is not what getting sick for a healthy person is like. If I get a cold I also get a flare. So imagine being conjested and dealing with pluerisy or joint pains. Imagine that cold lasting weeks and having the list of antibotics you've try being as long as your arm. And imagine missing all that work.

So to my friends, family and coworkers if you are sick stay away email or call. I wont be offended if you cancel plans I will be over joyed that you thought enough of me to not want me to get sick.

So I'm happily back on the meds. Looking for something for sleep. I have tried everything... well almost everything- tonight a bottle of wine is on the menu- I don't reccommend this I just need the sleep!

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