Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm a slacker....

I have purposely been putting off blogging here for so long. I guess it’s time for an update. May was a chaotic month. With my Uncle’s sickness and then with his funeral it was an emotionally straining month, especially since April seemed to have some backlash of its own on the friend side.

The past 6 months or so have been really hard for me. I have been struggling so much physically that I have wanted to crawl into a hole & just be left alone. I have strayed from some close friends since I don’t feel they really understand, which is my own stupidity for not sharing with them.

After all that stress, travel and just the overall schedule change on my body they last two months have been full of exhaustion and pain. Earlier this month (June) my doctor took me off the metho since it wasn’t effecting me. I am now on a new stronger drug. At first I was VERY excited, it instantly began to work. I went two weeks overcoming so many obstacles. I started to feel great! And then I go a cold. I had no idea how a simple cold would affect me. The first morning I woke up and decided to spend the day sleeping instead of work in hopes of fighting it off quickly. But by mid afternoon my ears hurt so bad I could hardly move, so I went to the doctor. I got an antibiotic and was sent off in hopes of it working.

Now this is another lesson learned: At the walk in clinic they didn’t know what my new medication was or what it did and frankly neither did I, nor did I care cause it was working. Luckily for me I am an apt at my rhuemy’s the next morning and learned that I needed to stop taking it or I would remain sick and the antibiotic would do nothing for me. So 10 days without the meds that wear working. Lucky for me it sped right by and now I am back on them. It is so great to feel so good. I still have small set backs and I am continually learning how not to push myself (even though I knowingly push myself too far).

I am still SO INCREDIBLY blessed by a husband who understands. One who loves me and cares. He is so great. He knows that when I get home from work, laying down for a good 10 minutes means the world to me and sometimes laying down for longer than that is what I need. He is also more protective of me, which is nice. I am only playing on one softball team this year…. Even though I am hopeful to be needed on the coed team as a fill in one night.

It is great to start feeling well. The true test of these meds will be this weekend. I get so sick when the temp heats up, so with any luck it won’t affect me nearly as bad!
Cross your fingers!!