Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life is so interesting. The sleep didn’t get better right away, as a matter of fact it got to the point of where I went two full nights with no sleep. By Sunday afternoon I was so out of it and I started to become sick with a cold and had all the signs of having the start of a Lupus flare…
So I have slept pretty good, in the last week, mainly cause of Nyquil.
This flare seems to be a big one, it seems to have a lot of symptoms, some aren’t too bad, but others are painful. My lymph nodes have swelled back up and they are so painful. So back to square one.

Other than all this fun, life is pretty normal. I work at trying to take it easy but that doesn’t always work. David has now caught the cold I got, so I am waiting for it to come back my way .

Monday, February 2, 2009

Life has been incredibly overwhelming lately. Not in a particularly bad way or a good way, it just seems crazy. I went to my doctor last week to ask about the new Fibromyalgia drug. The one I’m on now has helped me gain a lot of weight in a short period of time and I really need to lose it since it is affecting my ankles. So the new drug isn’t out yet, but there is another drug I could try. So I am weaning off the first one & starting the second one. The first one seems to working its way out of my system fairly quickly and the second one is taking it’s time working into my system. I will be glad when this is over, and I really hope it works! But in the meantime I am being reminded of how I felt a year ago. I really don’t know how I survived all this pain and lack of sleep.
So that kind of catches you up to my health stuff. I am sleeping 2-3 hours a night- if I’m lucky. David & I bought a new mattress that we set up tonight- so I’m hoping that helps a little. It’s much better than the one we had.