Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The walk is less than 3 months away and I am busy putting stuff together to make this years walk a success.

I will be putting together a Disney gift basket that will include 2 one day hopper passes that will be raffled off after the walk.

Click here for our team page

Each donation of $5.00 will receive 1 entry. As we get closer any posts on twitter & Facebook will receive another entry (Please tag me in the post or use my twitter name @BHCori).

I willl post photos of the gift basket when I return of Disneyland in August.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Because of Lupus I have learned to make a LOT of sacrifices. I have had to learn to say no and to listen to my body. That is so incredibly difficult.

Last week was especially hard. First it was the Fourth of July, stupidly I spent two hours that morning in the yard and then decided to do some serious house cleaning until my friends arrived for a BBQ & Fireworks. Now I have learned my lesson in past years and took the 5th of July, which I basically spent in bed.

The week only got worse, but it was my own fault. Wednesday I started cleaning out the garage, Thursday I was in bed. Friday we had a garage sale and I went to a concert.

I know, some of you are saying a concert?!? what are you THINKING? I'm thinking that there are few things in this world I will go to until I die.

And my favorite all time boy band is one of those things. New Kids On the Block (NKOTB) are touring with Back Street Boys (BSB). I left at 2:30 for a 7:30 show. Picked up friends, sat through traffic and made it to Tacoma by 5:00, by this time I was already tired. Now my first "plan of action" was I would sit when BSB was on stage cause they are not really a favorite, but that failed. Once it started I was so entertained. I have to say 3/4 of the way through the 2.5 hour concert my body said no more. I was seriously ready to cry. I ad noticed I was feverish on the drive down but I ignored it. I choose to sit when the BSB were back on stage. I must admit even though my friend has been with me for several years I felt embarrassed that I couldn't hang for that long. Embarrassed that she offered to step outside with me so we could cool down. At this point I hated my Lupus more than I ever have before.

Let me tell you it only got worse from there. I have waited 20+ years to meet Donnie Wahlberg and Jon Knight, Donnie sometimes will go to a resturuant after the show and meet fans. So guess what I did... yep. Spent an hour getting away from Staduim traffic and hit the closest Denny's where we waited and waited. I seriously could not hold my head up. By 1:30 I couldn't do it anymore and I was the driver so I called it a night. Someday right?

I got home a 2:30 and couldn't sleep past 6:30. I was so tired I wanted to cry, couldn't even take a nap that day. Yep I over did it.

So now I struggle with do I go through that again? Do I sacrifice my body and every thing I need to do for the week after just for a few hours of entertainment... my heart says YES! my body says NO!

My husband has said I could go on the cruise next year.. if there is one, but can I handle it? Can my body go through that? I just don't know.

I hate the sacrifices I have had to make for Lupus. I hate the sacrifices I "should" be making.

Yesterday we skipped church so I could rest, which didn't last long. Went for a walk and then played softball. Sad to say today I have my feet elevated at work and I am in pain and my joints are swollen. I guess that's not so bad after having an amazing weekend, huh?

What sacrifices do you refuse to make because of your chronic illness?