Thursday, December 16, 2010

My latest Doctor's appointment

So today I went and saw my Rhuemy. It was really great to see her and laugh and all, but it was hard to talk about what was going on. As you read earlier you know that when I got sick in August I went off everything. I wasn't doing too bad up until a month ago. I have been increasing my pain meds and a few weeks ago I finally got tired of it and made an appointment.

I mentioned two things to her. One some of the chest pain doesn't feel like my lungs, so she doesn't think it's anything but I'm going to a heart doctor so we can get a baseline. My mom had heart issues with her Lupus when she was about my age (Same doctor, and she remembers) so it's better safe than sorry. And two my liver. I have a gut feeling (no pun intended) that something is wrong with my liver. The blood tests say it's normal. But she did more tests and ones that hadn't been done before, so we will see.

So I am back on the TNF blocker and other stuff. She mentioned a GF diet again. I really just don't think I can handle it... I've tried and it is really hard and I have to do it for 6 weeks to see if it makes a difference. I am such a picky eater as it is that if you add that into it I wont be eating anything.

So the bottom line, hopefully going back on some of these meds will help my joints so I can start working out again. My goal is to loose 100 pounds by next year (Every pound is prednisone weight). So here goes nothing...

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