Monday, January 5, 2009

Just had to share my laugh

So now I am going through life learning to accept the fact that yes I have Lupus. I now find it funny that any doctor I see (that is not my Rhuemy) assumes that whatever aliment I have is "Lupus". It was frustrating at first, but it's ok now. I am just going to start asking "if I didn't have Lupus what would you say?" I may not make any friends, but oh well, these doctors need to know that they need to be sure they can't figure it out before they blame Lupus.

What made me come to the realization? I went to the eye doctor and she did the whole exam and towards the end she said the vains in my eyes are very narrow and curvy, which is caused by Lupus.

So I have Lupus, I am going to live with Lupus and fight Lupus. I may get frustrated, I may not feel good, but it's ok. Life will continue whether my body wants it too or not.