Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It looks as if my updates are monthly, but I guess that’s better than none. There isn’t a lot to update you on, just the same old stuff. I am hoping the new medication kicks in soon. I am in intense pain. The breaking point was when I couldn’t quilt on my machine last week. My doctor has upped my pain medication, so that is taking the edge off, but popping pills is not always the first thing I think of. The exhaustion is overwhelming. There is so much to do in life and my wonderful husband has had to pick up a LOT of the slack, which makes me feel guilty (he doesn’t make me feel guilty, it’s just me). Josiah has been great, we are coming up with things to do together that I can do while resting like reading or puzzles. I have been teaching him how to play Sudoku and he loves it. It’s fun to do things like that together. I will update when/if the meds start working. I need to get back to life.