Friday, April 8, 2011

2nd infusion

I had my 2nd infusion 2 days ago. I have been debating what to post and to be honest I have a lot in my brain right now, so if this seems scattered forgive me.

first the infusion went off rather well. This time it ended at 12:30 and I choose to go home and sleep instead of heading into work. I was very thankful that the family that was keeping my son said he could stay all afternoon if needed. And by the time I got home I could hardly hold my head up from being so dizzy and sick to my stomach (Yeah, I probaby shouldn't have driven). So then I slept. I slept all afternoon woke up for a few hours and then conked out for the night. I think that made a huge difference in how I felt... lesson learned.

This morning I was digging through all the material to find out when I will start seeing improvement and was discouraged to see "8 weeks". Can someone please tell me why the side effects kick in right away but the drug itself may not work for a full 8weeks??? That may need to be another medical break through.

The last two nights have been normal for me. The pain so intense that sleeping without painkillers is impossible. I'm not dealing with the morning stiffness which is really good news, nothing worse than setting your alarm 15-20 minutes early just so you can start moving your muscles before you get out of bed.

So now I wait. It's a very difficult wait. I want so much to see results but I can't just yet.

I need it to work, I fear my newest hobby is going to have to go away and it saddens me. My hands hurt so bad that I can only sew a few hexagons at a time and it is so discouraging.

If this medication doesn't work I pray that there is one out there for me, I am tired of making sacrifices for my Lupus. I am done making those sacrifices.

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