Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ups & Downs

It's funny... today I realized that I only posts about the "downs" of Lupus. There aren't a lot of "ups" but today is an up day. I'm actually doing ok. It's wierd to think but my day is almost over and I'm feeling ok. Not too tired, not in a lot of pain. It's wierd to have the good days. They are few and far between, but today I am feeling blessed to enjoy this day.

Just wanted to share with each of you that the good days really do happen.

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Sistergirl said...

Everyone have to live with something. I think its important for those who are able to living a full life dispite their situation to share.

Tell others how you are able to
make dinner for your family when your sick as a dog.

How do you parent child and still be sick?

Everyone wants to live a full life no matter their situation.

Thanks for a little positive words.