Monday, November 10, 2008

Jumping for joy (in spirit)

I went to my rhuemy today cause my lymph nodes have been swollen in my neck, upper chest and arm pits so I headed into the doctor in hopes of some solution. Well after dicussing this last flare she stated that this was not a flare, but a viral infection that is going through children. It usually last 24-48 hours but since I have a comprimised immune system, plus medications I have been suffering for weeks. I was SO excited to get this news. Then she did her exam of my lymph nodes, check my ears & looked in my throat- only to see a sign of strep throat- WHAT? I have had no pain in my throat- or at least I don't think my throat hurts- with all the other pain who knows. So my spirits are up, sure there is no medication for a virus, but an answer it what is important. I'd be jumping around singing God's glory except I only have the energy to sing it while sitting down. God is so good. He has gotten me through another battle of my life long war.

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Esther said...

I had lupus SLE. for 10yrs, and was on my death bed when my husband asked to pray for me and he laid hands on me and 8 months later I am a new person. no longer have the disease with SLE. this is no joke I am healed. but it was a battle that most are afraid to take. this disease was a curse. we christians have the power to bind the fowl spirits of diabetes. if any want to hear the rest of my deliverance write me at the testimony has started wild fires many have become healed from other diseases.