Thursday, March 27, 2008


A couple of months ago a friend sent me a news article on engery saving lights & Lupus. Apparently these new energy saving lights can cause lupus flares. I was skeptic at first, because how can a light affect my lupus flares. So I thought it couldn’t hurt to change the light bulb in my night stand maybe it will help me feel better- that and I was/desperate. The change was immediate, but I could tell that my evenings were getting better.

I then overheard our facilities director say that the lights in our office were the same energy saving lights. So I asked to have the lights above my head removed- plus I like working in the dark. I didn’t really think twice about the light issue until this morning.

Last week I was moved to a different area temporarily while they worked on my desk. I was shocked at how sick I was. Work tired me out and just walking took all my energy. Again, I didn’t even think to make the connection until today. I moved back into my cube yesterday and I have noticed that I am starting to improve. I am not as shaky as I was and my body is slowly building strength and energy. So I am no longer skeptic about the lights. Sure, it could be just coincidence but I don’t think so.

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