Friday, March 14, 2008

Life is too much fun!!

After writing the last post I got a call from my doctor’s office. She told me I needed to take a couple of days off and just rest. The steroid treatment wasn’t working and I was starting to get worse. So I went home at 12:00 and slept all afternoon, then Tuesday came around and I had to take Alex to the walk in clinic to have his ankle looked at (No worries, just sprained). After I took him to school I ran to the store to get some laundry soap. By the time I got home I was so exhausted I crashed until 2:30. I can’t remember being so tired.
Wednesday came a little too fast. David told me to go get my nails done and hopefully relax. I could hardly keep my eyes open the entire time. It was bad. As I was leaving my mom called me, upset, and asked me to come to the vet’s office. So off I went. Apparently her 14 year old cat broke 4 of the bones in her paw. So 2 hours later I was heading home. Another night were I CRASHED and hard.

I spent most of the night trying to breathe, a new symptom to me. I called the doctor’s office first thing in the morning and was squeezed in. Because I was so light headed and my eyes were still “shaky” I decided to have my parents take me.

After I met with the doctor she said I should go to the ER since they didn’t have the machines that were needed to test for a bunch of different things- including a blood clot in my lung.

After 4 hours the doctor told me it was pluresy and it was pass. I was a little disappointed, especially since he didn’t even touch me until after he diagnosis me- then he listened to my lungs. It is SOOOOOO frustrating!! They see “lupus” or “Fibro” and they instantly dismiss everything to it. I trust his diagnosis only because my lunch x-ray & blood test turned out ok, so what else could it be.
Still it is SOOOOO frustrating.

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