Monday, January 9, 2012

December Update

So I have once again neglected the blog and now my mind is spinning with all kinds of posts... So I'll start with this one:

December was a fun month, too fun. We decided to take a last minute cruise and I pushed myself way to hard. I really over estimated how great Benlysta was working. So I flared, and flared bad. Still dealing with the flare. Good Times!!

I forgot how bad I felt before I started Benlysta. SO now I am taking it easy, as much as I can and wait for the medication to take control once again. Oh, who am I kidding I'm not taking it easy at all. Still working out, still have a crazy commitment schedule. Will I slow down, probably not. My body just needs to catch up.

My primary doctor wants to test me for diabetes, this to me is a HUGE blow. I'm overweight, yes. But I am trying so hard. If the "cure" for type 2 is weight loss and I can't loose weight how am I suppose to get over it? The test he wants is two hours long and I just haven't gotten up the courage to go do it.

So that is all I got for now... I have other posts that have nothing to do with an "update" that I will type up now.

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Little Lupie said...

Glad to hear the Benlysta is working for you! I know how exciting it must be to be able to push yourself, but don't forget to take care of yourself. Hope you recover from your flare soon!