Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's September already? Wow!

I saw my Rheumy last week. The meds she had given me in July made me sick, really sick. I was up all night sick and I called and said I was done with them. I didn't see a difference until after I stopped taking them.

When I saw her we had a long talk about the next steps and Benlysta was mentioned. For those that don't know, Benlysta was just approved this past winter. It is the first Lupus drug to be approved in over 50 years (Roosevelt was president).

The problem? the waiting period to get it approved with my insurance. I sit here a week later jumping everytime my phone buzz's, which happnes to be a lot. I'm ready, I want to take this step. I have heard so many positive expierence's with Benlysta (Yes, I've heard the bad ones too), that I am anxious to try it. I want to get it running through my body now. Why do the insurance companies have to take so long to determine if my doctor is right or not on my treatment... So I wait. I was told that it could take two weeks. TWO WEEKS? don't they get how crappy I feel? Or how once I get approval I have to make the appointment and wait for the office to get the drug? Don't they get it? I am sure I wont be able to get it til the middle of September, but it's so hard to wait. I just want my energy and my health better. I want the pain to go away!

I've also been pimping out my walk page like no body's business. I am passionate about Lupus awareness, I want a day when I don't have to tell people what it is. Will that ever happen?
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My "Why I walk" Story is on the link above, and yes there is a Disney Gift Basket up for grabs that will be raffled off for one lucky winner. Help me today.

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