Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I walk

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This site changed their story, so you can now find my Why I walk Story HERE


Melanie said...

Hi, my name is Melanie, and I also have lupus. And a bunch of other medical problems including Congestive Heart failure. But, I came upon your site, by searching the web, looking for help in making a decision to go or not to a art retreat this weekend. Anyway, as you probably know how I feel, tired and achey. I just like to believe I am normal and can handle things the way healthy people do, I am only 39 yrs. old. The idea of packing for this trip and driving for 2 hours just seems to depressed me.
I just wanted to connect with someone like me right now, and lucky you, you're it. :) Anyway, trying not to drag you onto my depression train..toot toot, well, at least I still have some humor in me. Thanks for blogging about lupus. Feel free to e-mail me or friend me on FB.
take care, Melanie

QuadiG said...

Hello, my name is Qudisha, I just found out that I had lupus in July of this year, which was hard for me because I already have had arthritis since I was 3, I am 26 now and I want my health back.

Thank you so much for making this blog. Like melanie, I was googling traveling and lupus because I have a family function this weekend coming up and it a 5 hour drive which im doing only. I used to drive all the time to NJ because it gave me "me time" but I havent in a long time. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not.

But, again thank you, I have learned alot about lupus from your blog and the lupus fondation. I plan to walk for lupus oct 29. You keep me positive.


Cori Lewis said...

Thanks for such kind comments. It's funny I send out these posts not knowing if anyone is actually listening and really not worrying too much about it. I hope you are both doing well and don't look at your Lupus as a death sentence, instead as a answer. Be determined to fight it!