Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 7?

So apparently I was wrong. It's 8 weeks from the second infusion.

It's a long waitting game.

I'm tired.

I don't feel any different yet. I am keeping my hopes up but also getting very impatient. Maybe it's because it's almost summer and I continue to fill my schedule with more and more wating for it to kick in.

But will it? That is the tough question.

This last week has been extra hard. I got a cold. WHen you are on immunosuppresents you just stop them and your immune system starts working again and the cold is gone. But when that drug is an infusion you don't get to stop. So I wait hoping that rest will take care of it.

Still have the rash. It's been 4 weeks. It is getting better but very slowly.

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Tammy said...

I'm still not feeling any difference either. Dr decided to put me on BenLysta. Waiting for authorization from insurance company.
Hope you start feeling better from the Rituxan soon! Let me know.