Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day One

Well today I saw my doctor. We are going to do a test on my lungs to see what is going on. That will happen in a week or so. The real thing she told me to do is take gluten and wheat out of my diet…. I KNOW! My jaw dropped too. She said that she rarely suggest a natural solution but this seems to work for some of her patients and at this point we need to try whatever we can to get my lupus & fibro to calm down.
So day one begins. Today is bagel Wednesday, I was going to have a bagel for lunch… but that is a no go. After looking at the list of what I can and can’t eat I realize this may NEVER work for me. How do people do it? I am going to really try, but I know there will be setbacks. I am a picky eater as it is, so to add no gluten to that, you might as well give me an IV for nourishment. So stay tuned. Hopefully I won’t get too cranky.

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