Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It’s been awhile since an update. So here it goes. The flare seems to have leveled off. In the mean time I have been seeing an ob/gyn for other issues and recently had surgery to check out what’s going on and at the same time they did a tubal ligation. The reason I am telling you this is because the doctor found nothing… which means he gave me the answer to all my problems:

It must be Lupus.

I could SCREAM. I am SO sick and tired of this. I would like to go to a doctor and not tell him my medical history so they can actually trouble shoot instead of look once and assume. I know- I am making a claim against the doctor that he didn’t do fully do his job, however, I have been dealing with so much that it seems everyone blames Lupus. Lupus is like a terrible hang nail that you can’t get rid of… Your knee hurts? Oh it’s just that hang nail… your neck hurts? It’s that hang nail, sorry can’t help you. I am so terribly frustrated. I am fed up and done. I am ready to stop complaining, everything is Lupus related and no one can help or really cares.

Wow- that was a lot to poor out, but I guess I needed to say it. The bottom line is that it sucks to have it all blamed on Lupus.
I hope to stop my birth control which should help with the hormones, and I am hoping it lessens the flares I have in relation to the hormones. And I am now debating a break from the Lyrica. As I have said before, Lyrica can block your body’s ability to lose weight and I am gaining weight quickly. I am miserable and unhappy with my current body and I want nothing more for it to be manageable, but it means going off the one drug I feel is working. This is so incredibly complicated and frustrating I just don’t know what to do.

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