Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1. junction between bones: a part of the body where bones are connected, e.g. the knee, elbow, or skull.
2. junction between segments of invertebrate body: any of the points of connection between movable segments of the body in an insect, spider, crab, or other invertebrate
As I see this definition of the word "Joint" it makes me chuckle. Joints to me are more than just where the body connects... they are a source or REAL pain. My last chest xray showed signs of arthritis in my back- wait your back has joints? I am always shocked to learn something is a "joint" because I never really thought of it that way. My ear pain, is actually my jaw- which is a joint! this probably doesn't shock most people but it shocked me... just another thing to blame on Lupus.

Today my index finger is in severe pain. I'm trying not to use it at all but when my job is sitting at a computer that makes it IMPOSSIBLE. I look like a dork trying to type with nine fingers and I'm dealing with a TON of typos.

Cori's definition of Joints:
A source of pain, a place where your body connects and can cause severe pain at times.
I wish I knew what I did to my finger but I'm sure it's just Lupus related as everything else is. Time to continue my week.

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