Monday, February 2, 2009

Life has been incredibly overwhelming lately. Not in a particularly bad way or a good way, it just seems crazy. I went to my doctor last week to ask about the new Fibromyalgia drug. The one I’m on now has helped me gain a lot of weight in a short period of time and I really need to lose it since it is affecting my ankles. So the new drug isn’t out yet, but there is another drug I could try. So I am weaning off the first one & starting the second one. The first one seems to working its way out of my system fairly quickly and the second one is taking it’s time working into my system. I will be glad when this is over, and I really hope it works! But in the meantime I am being reminded of how I felt a year ago. I really don’t know how I survived all this pain and lack of sleep.
So that kind of catches you up to my health stuff. I am sleeping 2-3 hours a night- if I’m lucky. David & I bought a new mattress that we set up tonight- so I’m hoping that helps a little. It’s much better than the one we had.

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