Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So the struggles continue. I got my blood test results back and I had hoped that my sed rate would go down on the one med, but it hasn't.

Things have just been crappy. I am really starting to feel emotionally drained with all the meds and the side effects. Plus the feelings. the pain. I have a sinus thing going on and I can't take anything for it. this totally sucks. I know I should be blessed to have Lupus, so I can share with others my story, but sometimes I just want to scream. people just don't get it. How do we get the word out about this disease? how do we make people see?

The Breast Cancer three day was this weekend and I a looked at the news story and was jealous that Lupus doesn't get the amount of publicity as other diseases. it's just as bad, but there is no cure. I am so frustrated. I want so much for people to understand me. To not make a bid deal of it.

Thanks for lettingme vent... sometimes it's just good to get it off my chest.

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